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Life Palmistry researches and analyzes features of palm print, palm length, palm width and finger length, and performs tens of millions of professional simulation operations so that we can provide you with palmistry report to help you learn the secrets of your hand. 

Main features:

✋ AI Palmistry – Through the analysis of standard points and auxiliary lines, we provide you with the palmistry analysis report to provide useful suggestions for your life.

✋ Time Magic – Time flies, and traces of years will be revealed on the face. We can take you through the future and see yourself more mature in many years.

✋ Baby Prevision – Baby is the most wonderful gift send by god. Are you also curious how your future baby looks like? Upload photo and see, right now!

✋ Change Gender – Don’t you want to have a look at the funny face when you become another gender?

✋ Daily guide – You will receive an exclusive daily guide to your love, work, wealth and health, and get an early look at what might happen every day.

✋ Finger Analysis – According to the comprehensive analysis of your fingers, we can provides advice and guidance for your personality and life.

✋ Hand Analysis – The length and width of the hand mean different secrets. Download it and uncover the secrets!

✋ Hand Perfection – What is the ratio of finger length to palm length? Come to test whether you have a perfect ratio or not.

✋ Love Counselor – We will provide you with a love counseling service and you can get advice for your love relationship.

✋ Career Counselor – According to the career analysis, you can get appropriate suggestion and know which job is good for you.

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